This region includes many sub-regions such as Kyiv, Poltava, Chernihiv, Sumy and Kharkiv provinces, as well as many other provinces. The region is so called because the Dnipro River runs through this vast area of land

Along with the many sub-regions of this area, there are many variations in it's folk costuming.

Young women wore flowers and ribbons in their hair and on their heads in various arrangements. Red beaded necklaces were often worn. Blouses with full sleeves embroidered in red and black floral and geometrical patterns were popular. Both full and straight skirts made of many fabrics in many colours were worn, sometimes with sashes and/or aprons. Red leather boots and shoes were characteristic.

Young men wore straw plaited or sheepskin hats often with colourful ribbons or flowers adorning them. Their shirts were embroidered in similar designs and colours as the women's blouses. They wore colourful sashes tied so that the ends hung down on each side of the body. Red or black leather boots were characteristic.

This region's costuming is the best known. Most people conjure up this image when they think of Ukrainian dancers. Choreography of this region is usually long, sweeping and very acrobatic. Typical dances include Hopak, Kozachok, Pleskatch, Povzunets etc.


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